Boudoir: Finding Inspiration

When she called us our jaws hit the floor. She paid us one of the best compliments we have had about our boudoir photography. She challenged us. And we were ready for the challenge. She loves photography, the beauty, the light. This session wasn’t just for her husband, it was for her as well.

She loves the work of Russell James. In our opinion, he is a mastermind behind bringing the beauty out of women. Adam and I talk all the time on our wedding blog about what inspires us. The funny thing is that we never mentioned the influence Russell James has on our boudoir work. When we first launched boudoir in 2009 as a part of our services we had a very strong vision for it. We wanted to celebrate the beauty of women, we wanted women to look at their photos and see how beautiful they are. We have followed Russell’s work for years. When she approached us about a Russell James inspired session we were more than happy to challenge ourselves to re-create some of the most famous photos of Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Days leading up to the session we started discussing how we were going to pull it off. The session challenge was to shoot it all in black and white. Would we use two camera’s and shoot one in color and other camera in black and white. The morning of the session we decided against color all together, we shot everything in black and white and never touched the camera set up for color. We have shot so many beautiful women, but this session in 2010 was the perfect ending to a great year. Shot just a few days before Christmas in all black and white here are a few favorites from one of our favorite boudoir sessions.

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